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Stephanie 3

"Constitution Teacher" Gets Violent With Our Street Teams

YCR Featured on Coral Ridge TV's Memorial Day Special

Bradlee Dean to Speak at Iowa College April 25th, 2013

Lawsuit Threat Prompts Florida School to Readmit B. Dean

Caution About Disinformation

Principal Attempts to Stop Bradlee Dean's Presentation

YCR impacts North Dakota

Elizabeth's Story - Testimonial from a College Student

Watch the Religious Liberty Victory in Dunkerton, Iowa

Bradlee Dean's Message Defeats City's Blackball Attempt

Left Attempts to Justify Rachel Maddow Through Omission

Bradlee Dean's Video Pulled by YouTube for Hate Speech

Dean Files Opposition to Maddow's Motion to Dismiss

Bradlee Dean to President Obama Re: Abortion

Now Hiring!

Bradlee Dean to Speak at St. Cloud State University in MN

The Blaze Interviews Bradlee Dean - Setting the Record Straight

Dunkerton High School's Referral

Return Event Held in Iowa Over School Controversy

President Obama Responds to Bradlee Dean

Media Research Center Interviews Bradlee re:Maddow Lawsuit

New York Times Features Bradlee Dean

Bradlee Dean sends letter to President Obama

Introducing The Prayer that Rocked the Capitol DVD

Watch Bradlee's Press Conference in NY

Complaint Against MSNBC, NBC, Rachel Maddow, and the MN Independent

YCRBYCHI Sues MSNBC and Rachel Maddow

New Sons of Liberty Media Outlet Coming Soon

The Prayer that Rocked the Capitol Film Expose'

Letter to the Press

Comic Book Now Available for Purchase

My War DVD Now Available!

Come Join Us for Church!

Bradlee Addresses His Prayer

Bradlee Dean's FULL Prayer at MN House Chambers

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